What Have I Got To Do (Mark Knopfler)

You are not concerned with men’s advances
I want you more a hundred-fold
When you lift my heart
I’ll burn no other flame
Bear no one else’s lances

Howlidays: National Sundae Day

Originally posted on Travels with Choppy:
Clearly, here in the United States, the most important holiday today is Veterans Day. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to celebrate such other holidays as National Sundae Day. So, thank you for all you do for us and have done for us! ?

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Originally posted on The Comfortable Coop:
Mr. Comfortable and I are going to visit our older son and his family for Thanksgiving. We’re excited about it but Remy and Henry aren’t going to be thrilled. They’re staying home. Because Mr. C is retired and I’m a professional cripple the boys aren’t used to us being…

Cancer in 1 out of 7 women?

And just like Migraine did not reach us, nor will the beast called cancer (Migraine affects 15% of both genders across the world – so it has more chances of hitting humans).

How Far Will You Go?

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With dollars in my dreams and pounds in my pockets, I sit by the window pane of an expensive flat in Rome, all alone. With pizza replacing the chappatis and pop music replacing holy chants, I walk by the already full streets of Maryland, all alone. With fingers replacing…