When we were born, we had our palettes empty. There were no colors. As the days passed by, we got a color in every circle. Given to us by our parents, by the people who met us, by our relatives, priests etc. At this time, the colors were in the purest form.

But as we grew up, some colors faded. These were either never used by us for us, or never used by us for others, or never used by others for us, or never used by others for others. Gradually we lost such colors completely.

Some colors were spoilt. People dip their paint-brushes into our palettes and change the color. Sometimes it is our own parents. Sometimes it is someone who hates us. Sometimes it is one of our own. People paint dirty pictures using our colors. Some pictures, they show to us. Some pictures they hide from us. People mix dirty colors into ours without our knowledge. Some do it within our knowledge. Some of them exhaust our colors by using them till the last drop. Some of them even test our colors for purity and integrity.

Some of them add new colors and make our palette look beautiful. Some of them steal our colors forever. Some of them re-paint our bad pictures, and make them beautiful with their own colors. Some of them re-paint our bad pictures into good ones using our own colors.Β  Some of them even turn good into bad.

Few even polish our pictures to make it shine forever. Few of them might even make it lose the shine forever. Few of them just clean our palettes and help us regain the loss. Few of them protect our colors. Few of them keep adding new colors. Rarely, some people cradle our whole palette making us lose a lot of our colors – the time when we feel insane.

Some of them are violent painters who use our color to a picture that suits their imagination. Violent painters leave damages. To us. To our palette. To our colors. To our emotions. To our feelings. To our life. To our love. This world is annoying. Inconsiderate. Careless. Motive-oriented. Confused. Pathless. Shortsighted. Stubborn. Jealous. Aimless. And we are out to save the world.

As the colors in our palettes change, we change, and our times change, and our lives change. The colors are nothing but a combination of our ethics, values, character, emotions, feelings and thoughts. We all were born original. They changed us.

I hope you had a flashback. Of people. Who hugged you to comfort when they were hiding their pain. People who painted a bad picture of you in society. People who shook you. People who snatched the ground below your feet for a while. People who help you realize yourself. And many others who have left a mark in your life… By adding, modifying or deleting a color in your palette of life.

 Β© Copyrights reserved with author.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. x.wolfman says:

    Thnx Sherin The Greatest!!! πŸ˜€ Thnx for ur wishes too. Hope your palettes stay the most colorful all your life in the purest forms!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰


  2. sherin varghese says:

    hmmm…. here i get to see true colours of “JOHNSON THE GREAT”!!!!
    well written my friend!!!! hope ur palette gets filled with vibrant colours
    and be an inspiration for others!!!


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