The contemplations towards changing Nationalism

Patriotism is when love for your own people comes first. Nationalism is when hatred for people other than your own comes first 
- Charles de Gaulle

Nations came after borders were drawn. Borders mutually agreed between future-neighbours. And this agreement  came from the 2 or more sides because of their prominently large differences in beliefs / lifestyle / economy etc. whatsoever. Very well then, there was unity within each party agreeing for division.

Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.

– Albert Einstein.

Majority of the Westerners are naturally a little more evolved / civilized human race, with many others including me catching up with the pace of their evolution and civilization. I would rate human evolution, based on the level of one’s ability to normalize the futures (individual + social) for common good for all known & unknown people including of course the upcoming generations. It cannot be anything else but the ability to procure relationship management at an early age, decision making capabilities with less errors at an early age etc. Basically evolution is all about the ‘early age’ factor within a given human race. When an  individual gains the wisdom of a 60 year old man just during his teenage – he is more evolved than his buddies who might lag behind in evolving that much. Many of us have done this at least once directly or indirectly by thoughts, words or actions: File -> Open -> USA.jpg -> Edit -> Modify -> Save As -> MyOwn.jpg where JPG could be an idea, a thought, a style, a manner, a gesture, an attitude or whatsoever.

I have no sense of nationalism, only a cosmic consciousness of belonging to the human family. 
- Rosika Schwimmer
The European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent. Others could be lazy, indolent and always spending money on frivolities. 
- Ernesto "Che" Guevara

PM Modi sold tea in his early years, and selling tea has been India’s most frequently setup business. Why tea? Perhaps he was not fortunate like everybody else, and did not have enough facilities / circumstances to get on to higher education on time and then proceed to take up a job. But yes – he was reserved by his own fate to become the Prime Minister. The path to which was devised by the political parties who promoted his candidature. The VHP (Vishwa Hinidu Parishad / Global Hindu Authority) and RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh / National Self-help  Group) may be unable to cope with the fact that the countrymen are leaving the roots of India – i.e. by culture, or manners, or thoughts, or attitudes, or lifestyles etc. A few examples could be, Indian women no longer using vermilion in Tier 1/2 cities (symbol of fertility per, content delivered through all mediums of communications is majorly Western by language and by content itself, ancient practices being discontinued like couples having to touch the feet of elders, treating women as housewives even though she may be a working woman (i.e. the man making all decisions and woman implementing them blindly) etc. While these have its own pros and cons, the VHP and RSS as outfits loyal to Hinduism; dislike the changes happening to Mother India  due to Western influence. Understanding these outfits better if you’re not a Hindu: If these outfits were pro-Christianity, and if they saw their own Christian fellows adopting to Hindu methods in everyday life; they would surely feel the loss happening to their country and will battle for Christianity. (This is a simulation to help readers to not misconstrue the outfits of VHP and RSS as anti-your-religion).

Race, religion, ethnic pride, nationalism does nothing but teach you how to hate people you have never met – Doug Stanhope

All justified, nothing wrong. The acts of all outfits are right and justified to the public. The beliefs of Modi are true for all. But when in politics the parties are taking the responsibility of running the nation – why not be responsible for the daily livelihood or affairs of the minorities? At one point Nationalism was a blanket feeling for all Indians. But with these acts, the new owners of Nationalism could be un-tagging a few sections of India from India. Or mis-tagging I must say.

The contemplations are many, but at least they have started existing from a time where such contemplations were not required. Contemplating a future to suit the current sense of Nationalism would go on to be the key for the cosmopolitan animals. Calling contemplations.

The content above may or may not necessarily be applicable or acceptable to one or more people that may or may not include me. If you are new to understanding authoring, first please understand that authors and you too are free to write and publish articles against your own acceptance or agreements which falls in the light of selfless authoring.


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