The roots for the reapers


What you sow, is what you reap. It’s a global thought available in all communities by different names.

Now we know that every content that is pressed into the public domain is made to suit the majority among the public. What forms the majority? People with low thoughts? Or high thinkers? Or people who sway in instability between both, the highs and lows? Yes, this forms the majority – people thinking unintentionally and unconsciously at high and low levels without specific predictability as to when they might sway, why they sway etc. Let’s call them the average minded (AM), given their unbeatable ability to sway between high and low.

And so it goes for the content that’s being pressed throughout the world since a long, long time – What you sow is what you reap. It was designed and articulated in a manner to suit the AMs.

What if it was pressed for the class of people thinking at low levels all the time? Well well well.. nothing is ever written for them because they don’t get that kind of time which would lead them to books though they rigorously wish to.

What if it was to be written for the class of people thinking at high levels all the time? Well they could be the class who get the whole idea just by reading the title of a book; in majority of the cases.

Then when I look around, I find a few categories of reapers:

  • Reaping what they themselves sowed.
  • Reaping consciously what was sown by individual(s) they know.
  • Reaping consciously what was sown by individual(s) they don't know.
  • Reaping unconsciously what was sown by individual(s) they know.
  • Reaping unconsciously what was sown by individual(s) they don't know.
  • Unable to reap fully, despite being considered eligible and fit for the reap, and despite having sown a lot.

One can never be a permanent member of any of these categories, though one can aspire to be. That’s life – the consistent changes of natural / artificial circumstances pushing human lives from one category to the other.

When does the clock of karma start ticking in human life? When does it stop? Or is there a clock like that one?Oh, what did a new born baby sow that he came out blind? What did a year-old baby sow that he became an orphan – had he stolen some other baby’s parents? What wrong would a widow have done to lose a companion? Why did the girl around the next block have to appear for 10 interviews before finding a job?

The case study: Imagine that on this earth, there are only 10 human beings. Five of them commit crimes frequently. The other 5 do not seek any revenge at all. Do exercise thoughts on what ways can karma affect these people.

There are people who never harmed an ant; and yet hit by turbulent times in life.

There are people who have mastered crimes, and yet un-hit by any sort of hassles.

There are people who are lucky to reap what was sown by others, through natural flows of life. Yes, some do it artificially.

There are people who are unlucky to reap their own sows, through all flows of life. There’s everything – all possibilities.

What are you getting to reap? What will you reap in future? Where are you sowing? What are you sowing? Where will you reap from? Will you get to reap more than what you have sown? About what you reap in the present times – compared to all the sows you remember for this reap, how much is it in percentage (yield)? What do you want to reap when the calendar reads 2020? What from the present times should be stopped sowing to achieve it? What from the present times should be continued to be sown to achieve it? What kind of sows lacks in the present times, that would have to be newly sown to achieve your reap-2020?

Are you sitting on a pipeline of reaps guaranteed to you till the average human life expectancy? If so, then there’s no such pipeline in this world. A famous Bollywood film-maker had to fight his life against a mosquito bite, and eventually lost the battle. A famous Formula One racer almost met a life-ending fate. A famous model committed the self-ending ritual of life. A famous businessman ended bankrupt in no time. Nature hasn’t guaranteed nor allowed the existence of such a pipeline.

Reap it ripe – and don’t sow bad seeds in others fields. Reap how much can be carried to your table. Sow long term seeds to prevent wastes due to excessive short-term reaps. Life is a bandwidth – a limited sized field – sow and reap wisely. The fields of others may lack good sows, help them. The fields of other may bloom sooner – learn the good sows from them. The fields of others may threaten your field – pray to your God or self-protect it if you are capable enough. (PS: Praying would help your field from the bad seeds thrown into your field by others when you were busy. Such bad seeds bloom into a bad surprise for us / our’s.)

There’s an alternative option – to live by the reaps that don’t need reaping nor planning. Well then, choice is human freewill, and choices are behind 99% of all your sows.

(PS: Reaps generally constitute your earnings / materialistic income etc.; but not limited to them as reaps could also include the people in your life today / future, the way they treat you today / in future, they honour you have, the luxuries you have / will have, the words you hear, the times you face / faced / will face etc.)