Johnny went out for a movie after a decade. Almost?!

Taken 3
The tickets!

Office Lens_20150115_004210_processed

I might have never been a great cine-buff. The kinds too frivolous with going out for movies. Mohabbatein in 2000 with Sunday School buddies. First day first show. I was freaked out by Bachhan’s performance given how naive I was with worldly traits. This was at Rahul Theatre, Shivaji Nagar in Pune.

I watched a lot on tv throughout 1995-1999. The times when I got a fair idea about Western casting. Gradually I was quick to pickup the same scenes in Indian movies. Moreover they’re swinging between utterly predictable ones, to extremely vague ones.

In 2006 I went to E-Square near Pune University to watch The Namesake with someone I would end up dating if it was not for my out-of-nowhere sudden-appearance wisdom. Thank you God, love you.

Well. I do watch movies at home.

Well. On 10th January 2015; I went out to watch Taken 3 with my good friend. A Ferrari goes from 0 to 100 kmph in 4 seconds maybe. But the one I went with for the movie can crackle up from a boring-monday-blues mood to super-las-vegas-party mood in less than 4 seconds.

I look forward to consume a few more interesting Hollywood flicks this year. Goodbye.


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  1. Boring old lady? How can a star that was cast & frozen in time be called like that? 🙂 And yes the crackle time is < 4 seconds.


  2. Lol less than 4 seconds? I thought you were with some boring ol lady 😉

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