Trains steal my attention in a great deal !

This one is the  16382 (Kanyakumari to Mumbai CST) rider seen at Pune last night, and is one of India’s oldest ones.

She takes 34 odd hours for this journey, given that her route itself is whirly like a whirling snake. She passes through 5 Indian states viz. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. From Pune she’s hooked on to an Electric Engine, and this Diesel locomotive is sent to the maintenance shed, or so. Since majority of the trains between Pune and Mumbai require 2 or more Electric / Diesel engines; she stands a chance for the same as well.

WP_20150122_005 (2)

This one below is termed ‘local train’ in India. With 100% electrification for each bogie; the wheels seen right under the power connection spin at the same spot for a second when the train starts to move.

WP_20150122_003 (2)

Trains have caught my attention everytime since childhood, and its one of the few  unfading happenings that might go on for a full of my life!

To see more from passionate train enthusiasts in India, check the videos in Youtube with keywords like ‘train goa’ / ‘train india’ etc. People have simply gone crazy about Indian trains including me woohoo.

“The history of rail transport in India began in the mid-nineteenth century. The core of the pressure for building Railways In India came from London. In 1848, there was not a single kilometre of railway line in India. The country’s first railway, built by the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIPR), opened in 1853, between Bombay and Thane.[10] A British engineer, Robert Maitland Brereton, was responsible for the expansion of the railways from 1857 onwards. ” –


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