Veg Pulao – By My Chief Chef i.e. Mommy


My mother isn’t a great cooking enthusiast. But when she does it, she either scores a  10 on 10 or a  -10 on 10. There’s no other scores one would want to give.

This is the Indian dish of Veg Pulao. Could be Veg Biriyani as well, but for me there’s no Biriyani without meat hence I call it Pulao even if this qualifies to be a Veg Biriyani.

The little black objects seen in the dish are onions. My father always keeps it the same black without making it taste sour. Mom perhaps was in a hurry. But these onions tasted sour. 😦

The big dark object is Tuna fish, pickled 2 years back and yet under yummy consumption!

Dad’s back from his Kerala trip, the second in 3 weeks. We received him at Pune Station last night at 00:50 am, and I love trains so much I’m sharing the photos in a new post! May the rest of this Thursday end in peace for all! 🙂

Wow I also love this content-justify thingy in WordPress!


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