A key of change – King Abdullah’s unfortunate death & King Salman’s enthronment

Image Credit: REUTERS / Faisal Al Nasser Mourners gather around the grave of Saudi King Abdullah following his burial in Riyadh January 23, 2015. Saudi King Salman pledged on Friday to maintain existing energy and foreign policies then quickly moved to appoint younger men as his heirs, settling the succession for years to come by naming a deputy crown prince from his dynasty’s next generation. King Abdullah, who died early on Friday after a short illness, was buried in an unmarked grave in keeping with local religious traditions. Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/saudi-arabia/king-abdullah-of-saudi-arabia-laid-to-rest-in-riyadh-1.1445738 User for no profits.

This day will be remembered for a long time in history. A King reached Heaven, and a new King got enthroned.

Before I begin, I offer my heartfelt condolences to the country & people who lost a great King. A King protects his people from all threats, regardless of religion, caste or creed. Such was this great King, who a few weeks back re-issued an old order of building a super secure wall alongside the border of Iraq, after the recent terrorism incidents across the world.

As the first way of the world is, what would this event translate into for the world?

Saudi Arabia is one of the key owners for the world’s most expensive natural resources, oil and gold. Oil policies at the top decide the onion prices at the bottom. Not just onions, but every man-made object that is visible and invisible to the human eye.

Power-broking, lobbying, mulling oil-oriented policies, investment portfolio reviews, risks to market reviews, commodities’ value weighing – you name it; everything goes underway soon. And like every game, in this game as well the early birds will emerge as the top gainers. The King’s sudden death is the second jolt to this world’s economy in the last 2 weeks. The first one was the SCB saving the Swiss Francs from the UN Euro which made several worldwide agencies bankrupt because suddenly their numbers became negative.

The outlook for the next 2 decades is simple and possibly will bring bloom to the Middle East. Not because our King who left us withholding the bloom. But because the newness in the throne has changed the equations. Where x=a+b+c used to exist, it could now be x > 2(a+b+c). The surrounding nations with affiliation to Saudi’s holy religion will feel the newness of the throne, for their own good times. My personal expectation from the new King is that he will play a key role outside his country for peace.

That being said, and with Japan, Russia and Australia edging into a recession; the risk for a global recession is 50-50. That is, not all countries will feel the heat. Again, I said risk and not the chances of a recession. It could be a half-global recession.

May the King Rest In Peace. May God share wisdom with the new King. I find it myself lucky to be blogging on an event as great as this one, not a guilty pleasure of course! 🙂