Toxic to a Team- Negative Nancy

Was good to read. Nancies need to be re-sent to a better school I guess. 🙂

Danielle Wingate

There always seems to be one out of a group.  You know the scenario, momentum is building, ideas are flowing, team engagement is high and then someone speaks up negatively and it all shuts down.  “Just know, it’s extremely difficult”  or “Don’t get our hopes up, they are pretty restrictive with that we can do, my ideas have all been shot down.”  It’s disheartening to see excitement and engagement immediately wiped away.  Critical feedback is always welcome, but ideally with solutions presented as well.  Our job as leaders is to lead through that.  We can help them navigate through it, ultimately making a better environment and the teamwork stronger.

5 Steps to Impact Negative Nancy:

1- Listen–  By listening to the way someone articulates their complaint you can usually pick up a few things about them: Are they a detail specific person, is the problem based around a lack of consistency…

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