“Worldleaderwear” – a brief study

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Fit and Flare

What is happening to our male leaders? Here are Cameron and Obama, together last week. Are they morphing into one and the same person? Their suits, shirts and ties are almost identical.(Thank you Karine, for bringing this to my attention). This dark navy suit seems to be only available in slim fit and slightly chunkier, to wear with a pure white cotton, classic collar shirt, and a mid blue tie will look nice (conservative, but caring). Americans have to wear lapel badges (which ruins the look if you ask me) but otherwise twins! They also have the same posture and facial expressions – firm and forward-looking (is that a mirror between them?)

I thought for a moment the uniform might be changing. Below is a delightful photograph from the G8 summit about six months ago. Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you are American, Russian, French, Japanese or even Belgian. You are…

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