All India Bakchod (Def: When many Russell Peters host a public-entertainment show of lesser intensity)

Before I start let me share a joke. Oh no, my joke is a bit similar to the ones cracked by Russell Peters, All India Bakchodi and their alike. Look what happened to them today (Off youtube, Government action on actors, venue stakeholders and ticket sellers TOO). Here’s a sample piece of report:

First things first:
  • Bakchodi – Fuck / sex by blabber (like death by chocolate).
  • Bakchod – A person who exaggerates blabbering to produce high-impact humor or senselessness with / without humor.
  • About All India Bakchod group – Has 45 million viewers for 52 videos in less than 2 years:

As professionals, they do have the right to produce and create humor and crack jokes about everything that is visible and invisible to human eyes. Eww, but see where that hurts! The average age of India’s quickest and most efficient string-pullers (and their strong influencers) in the culture-preservation category is anywhere above 50; i.e. born before 1965. To imagine what India was in 1965**:

  1. English was adopted as an associate language in dealings between the Central government and the non Hindi speaking states.

  2. Hindi becomes the official language of India. 

  3. Kashmir was declared an “Integral Part of India” and is not a “disputed territory”, later responded by the Pakistani troops entering the Indian sector of Kashmir. 

  4. A full-scale Indo-Pakistani war is fought over Kashmir, which ends after a UN Security Council calls for a ceasefire on 20 September. 

  5. The BSF / Border Security Force is formed as a special force to guard the borders.

**Content / Source as found here on 4th Feb.’2015:

How then can they bear the local F-word on TV / Youtube? But who even cares because their influence and control on the larger part of a fast modernizing world is fading faster after protesting against AIB. If intolerance towards religions gave birth to ISIS, then intolerance towards R-rated public entertainment puts the protestors in the same light – like the terrorists trying to destroy liberal thinking and its demonstration for public entertainment. Yes, AIB are demonstrators and promoters of humor that is at tolerable levels of what otherwise a human being is permitted to think in privacy for his own entertainment.

I remember how Pooja Bhatt, a renowned Bollywood Actress got to hear a lot through media from politicians who condemned her for a not-so-skimpy photo-shoot. That same archaic generation for whom the only reference of rock can be rocking-chairs; is today killing every Indian’s great opportunity to raise their heads and demonstrate human thoughts ranging from anywhere to anywhere for the purpose of public or self entertainment in a way harmless to any known ecosystem. If your kids or grandkids are watching these shows, and you fear their morals are being hurt or murdered; tell me how long can you protect or guarantee the preservation of such morals in them? Who the F told you that you’re the vinegar for our morals, values or ethics? And how could you Holier Than Thou generation decide that content like AIB’s can corrode human values or morals and ethics or whatever you want to call them on this stupid occasion.

Either today or tomorrow and being a part of this world, India will automatically continue feeling the winds of change blowing from the countries where mature content is flowing in free from all directions; with the only hopes pinned on to Parental Control Software generally made for the expensive category of people.