Valentines’ Day Dilemma

Yes, there is true love. Yes, there is puppy love. Yes, there are all kinds of love. And yes, a day dedicated to Love does encourage people to plan special events for the ones they love. My take on this topic is quite pro. And like every man plans to elate the girl he loves in a special way, so am I in the plan.

I had decided not to blog this. But last night someone threw a stone on my head in my dreams and some thoughts shook and got misplaced. So here I blog about how my Valentines’ Day 2015 looks like a little dilemma, which sets the stage open for Valentines’ Day 2016, or more..

My to-do list looked something like this:

  • Taking her on a flight to Paris or Vienna (Trust me, 80 grands in INR for a round trip is nothing compared to love).
  • Having some arrangements made in advance (me ain’t any Wall Street Wolf to get-set-go without prior arrangements).
  • Arranging for a situation to break the news of Paris trip (oh, like telling her to meet me at the airport next weekend for a trip  to Paris).
  • Buy the gifts (the list better be long).
  • Propose while flying in international airspace (perhaps on the knees, ain’t gotta do it everyday anyways!).

Looking forward to a better Valentines’ Day 2016, even before this year’s V-Day has gotten through me! With it comes a better planned to-do list; instead of the aforementioned Plan of Action (and given that the baseline is already set).

2 quick global facts on the subject of Valentines’ Day:

  • “Will you marry me?”
  • “I look upon you as a friend” / “I’m taken”.

Darned. Get set go, the game is new.