Johnny as the CEO of this organization

There’s this wonderful cute little triangular organization in Hinjewadi, known as Geometry or something like that (as in 2006). To me it resembles a modern Egyptian Pyramid. So here’s a sample circular I would issue to the employees if I was the CEO.

Dear Mummies,

Last night I had a lot of Yummiez. Ah, it’s the poultry brand from Godrejs.

Back to the point. All mummies who were mummified before April 2010 will have to put in more efforts to toil. The mummies outside our organization are thinking of themselves as our daddies to which, me your Pharaoh, object in all valor and strength of the Pharaohs before me. I will object, even if they demand a No-Objection-Certificate from me which I think is good only for Non Agricultural Lands.

When I was not a mummy here, and before I was mummified, I was very bona fide, but not bone-ified like em boners. I am still bona fide like Nappy Bonaparte who was good because he tore no bones apart unlike some last names. I believe you all believe that what I believe is beyond what you believe. Nevertheless, you mummies, and all the future mummies waiting outside to get mummified; will work in favour of the pyramid.

If any of you mummies are planning to un-do the mummification; please consult a real mummy or daddy first. If any of you mummies think you are not a mummy, I hope some day you will. If you mummies think that you will become daddies after joining other Pyramids, then I wish you a good trip to cheap surgeons in Thailand / Bangkok. If you mummies wish to bring more mummies into our pyramid, then please be my guest but not daddy.

However if you’re reading this circular as one of our ex-mummies; you deserve 10 whips from the King’s men back in Saudi. One whip is for not being our mummy, and the next 9 because the King’s men are sometimes rude.

Kisses to all from the Pharaoh, and a warm hello from your Sphinx aka Managing Director.



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