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Introverted Extrovert

There she sat on the ice cold floor, engulfed in darkness.

She didn’t know what she felt. This happened very often. She couldn’t express in words her emotions. It wasn’t a happy feeling for sure. Neither would she call it sad. It just felt…


She wondered why the brain was so complicated. Only yesterday she was excited about things. How can the tables turn in a matter of 24 hours? Why were these feelings so difficult to comprehend?


She agreed not everyday was Sunday. But then what was it that she felt right now? Was it anger? Sadness? Depression? Even thinking about those words made no sense to her. Everything in her life was perfect. No. It was more than perfect.

Then why this feeling?


It was an unpleasant experience, this alien feeling growing inside of her. At first it was just a gentle nudge on the…

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