World’s 5 Most Venomous Comfort Zones

“I didn’t invite you kids to the family get-together so that you come here and play on your mobiles” – Grandfathers.

Man oh man! It’s not the mobile, it could be the stuff loaded into the mobiles.

99% of the world expects to be given a comfort zone everywhere they go instead of earning or owning one. As the population expands, I sincerely wish that people transition from this 99% (the complaining lot) to the other 1% (the lot who quit complaining). I don’t belong to either, mysterious ay? Nope, it’s true because I’m a part of the audience, and have no role on any of this world’s stages.

See, the matter is plainer than assumed. Do you seek inspiration for something you wish to start or complete? Do you believe in being a go-getter? Do you love do-it-yourself activities? Do you love being motivated? Do you just dream or even wish to work on them? Do you believe in ‘time is money’? Have you experienced time flying and the world progressing without nothing much happening in you? If yes, then it is high time someone told you that you simply can no longer keep your seat occupied in places you love the most. You must spend very less time at places where you love spending time of lousy pleasure. Especially if you’re being alone. Comfort zone is the place where you spend your time in loneliness along with unrealized pleasure and comfort, for a time that you don’t wish being measured even if you can measure.

  1. WhatsApp and related applications – Instant messaging is so instant that one realizes the disadvantages too late. With being a participant in several groups (school, college, community, neighbourhood, family, clubs etc.) along with enormous contacts; the random usage of few minutes accounts to your those distractions that are small in size but huge in impact. Of course, if the usage is measured then this is not a comfort zone. However, those working on critical short term / long term goals need to reconsider the existence of Instant Messengers in the mobile phones. It could very soon turn into one of your daily guilty pleasures at workplace.

  2. Facebook and related applications – With content richer than Instant Messengers, you could soon turn into a people-oriented individual who finds Facebook etc as the best platform for being people-oriented. It could soon make you socially over-sensitive along with driving your critical free-time, into activities oriented casually to people and society. While there might not be disadvantages to it, the time is accounted immensely from your most productive hours meant for the YOU part of YOU. Once again, if the usage stays measured, growth-oriented or predictable; this is not any comfort zone.

  3. Home Built for comfort! Then why not use it as my comfort zone? So now the definition of Comfort Zone seems to be evolving here. Possibly, your den for a habit / activity whose time you would not wish to measure and occurs almost everyday. Maybe that corner in your house where you can sit and laugh and smile all alone and you prefer avoiding incoming communications? Comfort zone, is now becoming more about time and less about any place etc.

  4. Gaming – Though the addiction quotient is low, gaming comes as a comfort zone in phases. It correlates to the completion of long games, when you’re engrossed into it all the time.

  5. Miscellaneous – Comfort zone need not necessarily be a physical location, or a specific application or device that is used with intentional unconsciousness so as to not realize the time spent on it. Comfort zone of any sort is venomous to high performers or aspiring high performers who rely on their own merits.

Spare time to find your enthusiasm in doing it, just doing it will kill your fun of achievement!
Spare time to find your enthusiasm in doing it, just doing it will kill your fun of achievement!

While being in controlled or measured comfort zones is justified, unmeasured ones could intertwine or hijack into your daily routine and the chances of untangling these threads for the purpose of personal time management is low. Even if identified and untangled, the methods required to initiate self-control to overcome the comfort zones are troublesome or challenging.

We all are lovers of utilizing the daily time in a manner beneficial for self-goals. Then why not get off the venomous comfort zones? It is that first drop of poison to the magical potion you have in fulfilling your goals! Success is personal, use personal time for personal acceleration till you reach the point where your time can now belong to others.