New series: Poverty of the mind (Part 2)

Introduction to this series:

Personal introduction to Quality of Human Thoughts: It is the only attribute that is measured by external entities. Quantity can be measured by the producer of the thought or product, it’s simply a count. But the wonders of Quality is that the producer cannot judge it, unless the output is rated by a user relative to the product. Or if the producer has a checklist to produce something of high quality. Six Sigma specialists use the words good and bad for anything that is desired and undesired, respectively. When do you label a computer as being of ‘good’ quality? A computer processing 5 commands per minute is low on quantity, but if the output is as desired (accurate, free of errors etc.); then it’s high on quality. Efficiency could be the marriage of quantity and quality, so let’s discuss purely about Quality.

Part Two – Quality

Highly subjective, because the thoughts generated by the mind can be of high quality though destructive in nature. So let’s talk about that quality of thoughts which are beneficial to the thinker OR thosee coming under thinker’s influence. As we derived it earlier, Quality is an output measurable by an external entity but not the thinker of that thought (Ex: If I thought something, I’m not sure about the Quality of that thought unless I spill it out).

Usually the thinker has a conviction that the quality of his / her thought is high. That’s when they share it around. Those thoughts whose output in action were undesired / unhealthy to any community on earth (except hate-mongers, terrorists etc) can be said to be of low quality. Did your blood just heat up to boil? Well, yes it does sound like maintaining only those thoughts that would appease the whole world (which the majority are unwilling to). But – however – there are many such people out there. Let’s look at Mother Theresa. Ok you don’t want to be a Saint. Let’s look at Ratan Tata. Talk about Oprah Winfrey. Listen to Marissa Mayer. Listen to Ms Lagarde. Listen to the meritorious conquerors from music, literature or business. Check out the people at TED. Of course one can have low quality thoughts for the anti-social elements that one would share in casual times (i.e. once a month at some party). So here comes the question of thought-producer vs. thought-manifester vs. thought-receiver. Each one will measure the thinker’s same thought on a different scale of quality. You don’t need to be a Saint to think high on everything. You don’t need to be Steve Jobs to start thinking like him. What stops you is, the unreasonable mind. Well, the topic here is now narrowed down to understand the Quality judged by the listener or receptor. Otherwise the list of measures is simply too long (all of these are applicable to human thoughts):

Subtle symptoms of low quality thinkers:

1. Scope of thought is too narrow. Instead of basing thoughts on the real world, it is based on some latest show / movie they saw, or they are trying to enact some role model they follow. Or imbibing some music or inspirational quote into them that apparently did not suit their current times.

2. Biased towards the choices they make / made, or the likes they have. This is regardless of everything else, i.e. the mindset does not change at all since it is based on varying sources. Ironic but factual.

3. Low level of reliability with a more-than-normal tendency to change shades of life.

4. Lying is an end result of low quality thinking, more of a distant end result. It is not a direct output, but lying is a final manifestation coming out as a single thread through a lot of trails of hideous or low thinking.

5. Encounters failures in most of the activities, with a failure-to-success ratio of an estimated 3:5.

High Quality of thinking starts with high standards of thinking. If the starting point is at the root, the thinker will take a long time to look upwards to the sky and see some fruit. Remedies for low thinking are unfortunately none, except for starting out to find high thinkers and weave a social circle consisting of high thinkers. Payoff comes late, nevertheless. The lowest quality thinkers are those who might assemble to break hospital equipment just because somebody passed away due to alleged negligence. Or those who are non-violent by actions but violent in behavior. Behavioral violence of someone used to persistent low thinking has these traits if measured by a listener – ignorance by choice, self chauvinism in deals, over-engrossment in variables, anger coated and hidden in short-term silence, anger masked by righteousness, anger capable of crossing limits, opportunism in revenge-seeking, living with ‘will-make-you-taste-your-own-medicine’ syndrome, extreme shortsightedness in speech etc.

Overall and by large and by far, we all know those whose thoughts are low in quality. Confronting them on it helps them lose more quality!