Of blogging and me

Till date I might have thought a lot of times on a very simple topic – About Me. Starting from those old IRC days in the late 90s, to MSN profiles, Myspace, Orkut, Facebook and so many – About Me was a highly dynamic and  thought provoking topic for me. Well then let me do that again today. We all change almost every day or week. And so does the content for our About Me section yeah?!

I understand that amongst us are many with a mind aligned towards innovative ideas, regenerative thoughts full of goodies, worldly methods being recycled towards perfection etc. So am I, just one of you. I remember that since childhood, I admired the men from business. I also remember nurturing myself quite consciously to understand the how-tos / whats / whys behind these men. Entrepreneur, enterprise, potential and what not stayed in the radar of my learning. Just to go on to conclude finally on myself, that we’re an Enterprise by ourselves. There can be only one thing about me in introduction – A Renewable-Sustainable-Adaptable Enterprise like mind.

The content I generally publish might sound out of my own certified / documented knowledge areas. But I still do it with the provision of logics around it.

Since the time I started blogging till today, I have never had more than 5 followers. Sometimes I blogged even on zero. And still public, were my blogs because I have my audience in imaginations though I might not have been able to do enough to have a lot of followers for my blogs. I blog in 3 styles – Personal (whatsupjohnny.wordpress.com), Motivational & Inspirational (ripereaps.wordpress.com) and Factual (1wolfman.wordpress.com). Though I haven’t classified my publishes this accurately till date, henceforth I intend to.

I’m a man of content, which fuels my urge to write on most of the ongoing critical affairs directly or indirectly relative to the problematic situations I notice. If you were to ask me, as to with whom would I love my blogs to connect with – any and all practical thinkers with a mind free of all biases. Precisely, realists who admire reality more than masked realities. The expected yields from the time I spend blogging could be nothing more than a great writing experience!

With that being said, I wish all the readers a productive time ahead. With warm regards, and warmer wishes of luck for all of you, signing out from here for now!


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  1. girlandworld says:

    One should write to please oneself not the others…blogging is a journey to take out our own emotions and rest all follows with time…making fnds here is very important part …and also along with writing reading other blogs too pays a lot

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    1. windywolfman says:

      Yepp… That’s the truest thing I read since today morning heheh… Have you observed the difference between Metallica and Bryan Adams? Bryan is a commercial artiste (writes songs to please the audience), whereas Metallica does not compose songs to please the audience instead they please themselves and people associate to it largely! 🙂 Thanks dear..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. girlandworld says:

        True and also blog work this way only…the more you will cone t with other bloggers your traffic will increase more…every comment u do create a back link and increase your organic ranking in Google’s eye…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. windywolfman says:

          hmmmmmmmmm…. that’s so well explained!!! 🙂 :-*

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          1. girlandworld says:

            Experience..m learning too each day

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        2. windywolfman says:

          Will be doing this henceforthhhhhhh……..

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