Hey Blogressians – I got new titles & taglines!

In order to address the Bloggers from WordPress, I thought I gotta be doing something. Like they have those awesome titles like Countess, Senor, Duke, Princess etc.? So on those lines, we bloggers at WordPress gotta be called something too. Combining WordPress + Bloggers could give us something like Blogressors. Or maybe Blogressians. I do not believe in having 2 words over here for each gender, because blogging comes from the soul which knoweth no gender. Do let me know how Blogressors / Blogressians sound like.

The motive to hit this new post was to make it public, that as a part of my Blogging U. course offered by WordPress; today I changed the Title and Tagline of my blogs (3 of em in all – This one, ripereaps.wordpress.com and whatsupjohnny.wordpress.com).

The email I got with instructions on doing it, was from Michelle W. and the WordPress.com Team. And the reason I mention them, is because the instructions were as sharp as a laser focus. Thank you folks, you taught me how to walk one baby step.

With this then, I await for my next day. Wishing all Blogressians a great day ahead!


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