RIP Beef – A node in the world’s food chain

Quick facts on mapping my motherland India and beef:

They say in the localities, that man becomes of what he eats, and that is why he commits heinous animal-like crimes. Many well-doing young literates believe in this too. One may use logics to derive a final conclusion on this, given the fact that China consumes almost all animals. And in India, there are people who never even ate eggs have turned out to be the worst criminals. And in European countries, the crime-to-meat-eaters ratio is lesser than the ratio in a non-meat-eating country. Then what does it say? Unfortunately, some vegetarian youngsters from India continue professing against meat-eating in their casual sessions. They’re the same ones who will visit a foreign land and show that their beliefs are aloof from their homeland.

If beef is banned in the whole of India, what’s the offset? Chickens? No, because beef eaters already consume chickens and they don’t consume beef because chickens are expensive / cheap. Mutton / lambs? No, for the same reason that they won’t consume chickens instead of beef. Default consumption is – the regular veg meal and in continuation with a slightly increased quantity of chickens or lambs. With 2 million metric tons consumed in India every year, the offset from beef is around 1.8 million metric tons towards a vegetarian diet. Where will this extra production come from? Either we will export less vegetarian items, or produce more, or import more – all of which increases the selling-price of vegetarian commodities because more demand has naturally risen after a national beef ban (if any). With many crops dying young in India every year, due to non-seasonal rains or hailstorms, and with many more due to face destruction; there are reasons why the Government is contemplating genetically modified / GM crops.

Apart from these, what of the growing cattle population? It’s quite obvious that Maharashtra will allow more beef to be exported to other countries through other states because ‘possession of beef’ is banned but not ‘transportation of animals to other states post-sale’. I completely agree with the religious reasons behind the beef ban, and would agree if the same reason is cited for a chicken-ban as well. However the food chain is a natural ecosystem, and jolting it in this manner sends ripples across to all consumers who might have not even thought of eating beef.

And again, I also understand that any Government will execute actions to appease the majority of those who brought them to power. So the Government is not to be blamed, but perhaps the people who do not like beef-consumers around them. These people are the same ones who will visit a foreign land with a cosmopolitan-like outward appearance and habits to show that their beliefs are aloof from their homeland, but dwelling with the same old dark aged non-globalized thoughts in them!