Last of the series: Poverty of the mind (Part 3)

This is the third and last of a blog series pressed every Friday. The spoken past is as below:

Part 1: Poverty in Quantity of Human Thoughts
Part 2: Poverty in Quality of Human Thoughts

Part 3: Aesthetics

Aesthetics is an abstraction from Quality, nothing new and we all know about it. It deals more about how your mind is felt by others.

Lesser the overlap of the mind and the heart, sooner does the mind & its owner perish.
Lesser the overlap of the mind and the heart, sooner does the mind & its owner cease to exist.

The Interface area of the software has always been in emphasis, and is a main cost factor. Interface is the place which allows ‘User Experience’ and the best interfaces hide the shortcomings of the programming mistakes / coding errors, or highlight the strengths. Aesthetics have been continuously imbibed into the Interface areas, to ensure the best user experience. Factors like ‘loading…’ / progress bars can cover up low server speeds or the complexity of the background software codes. Quick navigation and flexibility to choose content before hitting the Submit button is a part of building a better User Experience.

The mind has aesthetics in a similar fashion too. It is the platform where others are interacting with you. And you surely want to keep it clean given the random strangers who might have great skills in seeing the minds. Since it is a greater abstraction of Quality, it is generally ‘felt’. Users of your mind are:

1. Mind owner / Self / 1st Party.

2. Direct listeners / 2nd Party.

3. Indirect listeners / 3rd Party.

Mind is generally used first for the success of its owner. Mind can be operated with a combination of best quantity, best quality and best aesthetics, for 24×7 or 12×5 etc. Quantity is helpful in doing core office work or for exams etc., where the bet is on ‘who is the fastest’. Quality is a side-hero for all factors of life and supports quantity to build efficiency in your output / performance. Aesthetics is the often unseen factor, unseen because most of the world is engaged in their own stuff all the while. The perfect threesome combination of the mind is quantity + quality + aesthetics (superior quality) without losing balance on any one of them. Examples on this perfect threesome:

1.  The man standing at a bus stop saw a hot seductress walking by in beachwear. Also in his view was a blind person waiting at a distance to cross the road. He not only noticed the blind, but also proceeds to help the blind beating all other pleasures.

2. Planning perfect surprises of great impact. Aesthetics help in the overall event management activities of the mind, where the event is the surprise itself.

3. Choosing the correct water / manure for the field, where you can confidently do the seeding quite randomly at a high pace. I hope this blog has a plough-effect on the field of your mind. Nothing is permanent, hence reopening the mind even if you’re 50; and stuffing it again with recently available freshness from this world would be a wise thing to be done and this did not mean that you can now start behaving like a teenager.

4. You’re rushing to a meeting to present a PPT show, critical for your next promotion. As you rush to that conference room in your organization, you see a stranger-employee coughing in sickness. You pause your run, handover some remedy or point him to the medical team and rush for that important meeting. What you lost is hardly a minute. A mind high on quantity and quality without aesthetics wouldn’t have paused.

5. On one of the most critical religious days, you’re on your way to your Temple / Church / Mosque etc. You’re already in a hurry and you were prepared for this day since long. It’s an Annual Event like Diwali / Good Friday / Eid etc. On the way in the early morning you see an accident victim lying on the street, unnoticed. A perfect threesome of the mind is what will make you step out of the car and tell you “Hey its ok if your new clothes get spoilt, but save this life first. Because God can be seen after we go to Heaven, but while we’re on Earth let’s save His Creation”. This same factor works even if you’re on your way to the Annual Shopping Festival etc. Getting used to a perfect threesome, later helps you decide whether assisting victims is important or the task you’re trying to finish. Trust me, its not always beneficial to be waiting for accident victims.

And the constant usage of aesthetics is beneficial in terms of choosing the right time for the mind to:

1. Make and execute the most personal decisions at a right time.

2. Speak those thoughts at a right time that will benefit you.

3. Act upon the those thoughts at a right time that will benefit you.

Aesthetics is that feature which does not let the mind sway off goals. Time changes the mind and its core beliefs, but aesthetics act like vinegar on them. Generally we see ourselves making wrong choices, some as old as 20 years or so. Sometimes we intentionally change our beliefs looking at the times surrounding us, but little do we know or think that even those are not permanent and in the end what matters is having an unchangeable core of beliefs in the mind regardless of what they are.

This ends a series of 3 blogs I had started on ‘Poverty of the Mind’.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Johnson John says:

    Im sorry, the comments section were set to auto-shut after 5 days. Just made it 45. 🙂
    I would love to hear again from you as you have said. I certainly am not qualified for writing on minds. My perspective was ‘measurement of the mind in 3 ways’.

    Aesthetics is the quality part of the mind that spills out in action through noticeable manners and the actions which cause goosebumps when others see / hear / learn of it. It is the little section after the sky of quality-minds. Like an icing. Like the wisdom tooth which is not often found in all. In my experiences and observations, it is the continuous consciously controlled conjunction of the mind and heart. The overlap area of the mind and the heart is tamed to work in natural patterns with equal intervention from the mind and heart to control this overlap. The mind will try to control, and this will erode the integrity of the overlapped section and is as good as no overlap.

    EQ can be artificial. In my knowledge, aesthetics are difficult to be enacted. Thanks for your time. My apologies for the delay in responding.


  2. thirionfourie says:

    I followed the three part series and I think I will have to read it again and reflect on it (as internal thinkers do) before I can comment meaningfully. It is the first time I read about the mind in terms of quantity, quality and aesthetics. I am familiar with cognitive psychology, which suggests that the way you think determines how you feel, simply put. I guess aesthetics is similar to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

    Liked by 1 person

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