Jilly: Chemistry Lesson

Loved the logic on ‘confrontation’. . Do lemme know if I’m disallowd from reblogging. Thanks for sharing this.

Eight Ladies Writing

Chemistry LessonI’m looking for recommendations, please. I need inspiration, and I’m looking for great friends-to-lovers, colleagues-to-lovers, or even enemies-to-lovers stories. A hero and heroine who haven’t previously been lovers, but who have a long shared back-story; characters with a strong underlying connection who don’t think of each other that way, until they finally get a nudge in the right direction and…light fuse and stand well back.

It’s been a frustrating week at Casa Jilly. As predicted, my honeymoon period with the new WIP (read my January post full of dewy-eyed optimism here) didn’t last very long. I’m happy with the characters and the broad strokes of the story, but so far I can’t get the first scene to a good place. I know it will need multiple re-writes, but if I can nail the basics now, it will make my life sooo much easier in the weeks and months ahead.

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