Passion-ing Destiny or Destining Passion?

Got the feeling of ripening grapes ever? Or of mature wine? Ah, please don’t sweep it on me – I don’t know if I felt that way ever or not. Generally it can cause a high amount of enthusiasm, or a rush to feel passionate about everything including everything!! πŸ™‚

What is passion if you simply pick that term and beat it down right onto the mat on the floor? How does it look like? What does it even do for you? Is it mistaken for enthusiasm? Being passionate about chasing dreams or closing up on destiny or anything – involves one single blindfolded and perhaps stone-aged drive or urge that simply puts you onto a track / path involuntarily. Passion are known to last forever – prevent mixing it for real life decisions. This comes from a thought that was recent stirred up after reading what Steve Rose blogged (Should You Follow Your Passion, which ended up in me commenting as well).

When put into real life situations, enthusiasm could be a better driving force than passion which can be best used for those deep purple colors in satin beds.

So the next time we’re told to be passionate about our work, careers or destiny and whatnots; just ask yourself if a sudden sprout of unsourced passion is good or if tremendous desire of being enthusiastic is better! πŸ™‚

Thanks for your time. It’s a Friday already, and it’s a 13th too. Jason is dead. But there’s Leo Mathew,Β Chris Fonceca & band having a tribute-show for a famous band named Queen, Sunday 15th at the High Spirits in Pune. I gotta check the sequence of events lined up till then so that I check-in before rush hours!


Used for no profits / non-commercial purposes.

Used for no profits / non-commercial purposes.


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