Placebo Effect: Curing lust

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Placebo Effect.”

My approach towards writing blogs is a bit analytical plus logical. Having been trained on Six Sigma, and working on Data Quality for a long long time; I’m a bit used to breaking down the anomalies.

Debut Porn Rendezvous

The first time I watched porn was when I was 14. VHS tape gleaming double X content. The infrastructure was usually pre-arranged by friends, who told me double X is a movie where everything except sexual organs are shown. So being a guy, and for my own good – being straight too; I expected 2 boobs and 1 ass. If I was a girl, I would expect masculine bums to be shown along with intimate smooches.

The bed for lust
Used for no profits / non-commercial purposes only.

After a week I started relating the bodies I saw in real life, to those porn stars. A friend, a distant cousin I meet once a few years, a distant aunt I meet once a few years, and that stranger woman on the street. All in the radar of my visual gratification which showed me scenes. Of course I saw their faces later as I did while watching the VHS because the scenes changed so soon that I had no time to check the faces. I admit that this was an after-effect of the porn.

It started impacting me.

  1. Hugging cousins made me conscious.

  2. Kissing aunts made me conscious.

  3. Staying in a 3-meter proximity of a woman made me conscious. (Its lust, not incest; so let’s keep the thoughts controlled here).

  4. Shaking hands with girls made me conscious.

Lent and Lust

Lust is useless. It’s a situation where the thoughts always chase the carnal desire. It can drive a whole day, a week, a month, a year, or more.

Lent came and I wore hypocrisy as we Christians are often called. For those 50 days I quit porn, quit looking at members of the opposite sex, quit imagining about it, got busy with work or studies. Most of all, no self-pleasure either. Lent went and I got back to square one until I won over lust after a couple of years. By the way we Orthodox Christians observe 50 days of Lent, of which those days are not counted when we consume the Holy Communion because it actually breaks the fast.

Lust as an infamous venom

The cures to lust are many and they’re all easy to practice. Lust eventually becomes a residue, and can prompt you when there’s an opportunity but at the wrong time. It really does make people lose careers forever. What more must be said? Those men in the news today who are of 60 or 70 years of age with immense social power, are now battling their deeds committed in lust when in their 20’s or later. So either today or tomorrow, lust is the soft satin dark purple clothing inside the invisible coffin of your career – ready for a bury. It does not mix with wisdom, it does not mix with intelligence, it does not mix with any religion either – so nothing saves one from the damages of lusting around. The worst case being fulfilling the desire of lust with the least amount of force – the case having no mercy even from the greatest sinner of this world. Having described it for men, lust in women could be equally shattering in later years or sooner. While feminine lust might not necessarily hamper careers as in the case of men, it could end up being an uncontrollable permanent desire acting as a blindfold which diminishes whatever good you know about yourself.

Lust, the cushion inside an invisible coffin.
Lust, the cushion inside an invisible coffin. (Image used for no profits / non-commercial purposes only).

Lust vs Love

Lust is simply one of the unwanted layers in the atmosphere of romance and love. When lustosphere collapses, chances of improving sexual and romantic drives are on the extreme upbeat. Simply put, lust is artificial love without heart in the scene, while romance is natural love with everything in the scene.


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