Camelia Uninterruptable – Poem 1

Camela (Opel Corsa Swing)
Camelia (1600 CC, Born in 2002)



Shifts are swift from zero to five,
Speeds with pride, without command.
Blind to foes and dumb to friends,
Camelia loves only her Master’s demand.

Horsepower and torque so boundless for her,
She’s kissed by grounds who come under.
Roads are tamed and so are lanes,
She’s teased even by a cloud’s thunder.

Honks does she to save other lives,
Thus they all still survive.
Passes does she through all those nooks,
Who reach to hug her for a jive.

Escapes from the hells of towns,
No remorse on a rival path.
Victory follows her back home,
Thanks to Angels who know her math.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Prakash Iyer says:

    Hey Johnson this is a awesome right up , you have the talent keep it up !!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Johnson John says:

      Thank you very much sir for your kind words. And yeah, may your black beauty continue reigning everywhere you take her! 🙂


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