Weekend Poeming: Living Carcass of a Limping World

Inspired from a recent book I read which spoke about few of the World’s Corporations being similar to bodies without souls. This poem has no protagonist (as individual / groups) that is known to the blogger.

They rise to shine with lies to reign;
They hate good light till the fate does bite;
Their faces hide after their souls have died;
Their deeds against light all burn in sad plight;
This carcass limps our healthy world,
This carcass sinks in our floating world.

An evil spirit replaced their souls;
The one which pretends to be their soul;
This fake soul lives only till the body lives;
Instead of the body living till the soul will live.

So nature and fate filter their chances;
With those that will feed a fake soul;
Every spirit is pregnant with goodness;
But an evil one never births those goods.

The world heals but with a limp for style;
Living carcasses rise only for a while;
After a while a new one rises;
With lives so short they always run for more life.

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