The Woman You Praised

Reblog comments: One of the few women I know having neutrality n balance in logics n thoughts which are critical to both genders aka human race.

A Holistic Journey

The one thing she wasn’t known for was a beautiful face but people – men in particular – were arrested by her presence, charisma, eloquence, and intellect. Cleopatra was captivating with a beauty only she could claim.

What is the greatest compliment you have received as a woman or paid one?

Though I have never known myself to be particularly attractive, in years past I’ve admittedly found the attention of men flattering. I don’t see that it wouldn’t be. It’s a confession that doesn’t sound politically correct against the backdrop of the many popular posts defending inner beauty and self-acceptance. I was startled by the realization this week that you also have all made me feel very beautiful. While male bloggers may enjoy affection or encouragement from their readers, they are not going to say we made them feel so lovely. Julius Caesar attracted people with the same qualities Cleopatra boasted…

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  1. Good luck with your blog. =)


    1. Johnson John says:

      Hahah thanks. Tym goes in tweeting stuff so blogs are a slow moving passenger train lol. Thnx. This one on Cleopatra was so sensible. 👌👌🎶🎶


      1. Glad you liked. =) Thank you.



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