The Old Slate – My New Mate

To carry on through 24 hours with limited memory / brain space, was becoming a tough task for me when it came to developmental activities like “The first thing to be done next morning is.. “, “Tomorrow before stepping out of home…”, “Tonight before going to bed…” etc.

I am known as one of the very few people to buy a smart phone extremely late when compared to the worst market trends. It was in 2013, until which I used the 1st generation Nokia phone. Those were the golden days in deed, indeed. 😉

So to keep up with my to-do activities, which contained my daily, weekly, monthly & long term commitments with milestones; I first turned to technology. Reminders, sticky notes, calendars, syncing Google calendar with the personal calendar, customized alarm systems, friendly alarm tones for reminders, recording mom’s voice and setting as the tone for reminders – trust me nothing worked.

Several times during those days of failures, I often stumbled upon how great people manage their schedules. Writing a personal diary, x, y, z, blah blah and more blah. Of course it suited them, but I failed at that too. I bought luxury diaries, pocket diaries, diaries loaded with inspirational quotes etc., nothing worked.

Today when I went to a kids’ store to get a gift for Rahul’s new born son in my neighborhood, I saw a black slate. I bought it. It’s gonna work, because I always longed for something that shows me my list of to-dos the minute I open my eyes every morning. Below is a snap, and this is a monumental gadget for me with which I intend to run long.

Rs. 200/- for a cute one with a small duster and a box of chalks!
Rs. 200/- for a cute one with a small duster and a box of chalks!

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    The old slate, my new mate!


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