What the World Taught Me (1st Half, 2015)

Before I cease blogging to just 6 or 12 a year and start publishing some entrepreneurial thoughts at a place hosted by http://www.Zoho.com, I take on to some crucial blogging episodes along the distinct & sharp turn of life that I am driving. Episodes including thoughts about a wedding (one done, more to come), celibacy (all to come), fools (my favourite social topic based on self-observations) & a few more.


Today I share a Tablog (Portmanteau: Blog in a Table / Tabular Blog), about what the world taught me, and why I refused to make it a learning for myself. It is based on around 20 people I interacted this year this far, and general public interactions seen online at social media / news portals.

Worldly Wisdoms / Thoughts

My Takes

My Decisions

Be with the woman who speaks to the King in you. The King in me is a Royal Slave when it comes to any & all deeds / actions (sometimes by speech & thoughts too). So there’s no King in me whom I can call a King. Bring that woman / those women, God!
Old schoolism is passé What the world views as old schoolism are generally the solutions to fill up the known gaps between the success already achieved and developing + sustaining them to progress. Old schoolism in deed is better than those in thoughts meant to bring success, which have to be renewed daily.
WhatsApp is a great place to socialize and learn from what is shared Yawn. I won’t type more than 20 words, nothing is worth WhatsApp. At least four WhatsApp Vacations / Year.

Nineteen, Twenty.

Let go what you love, if it comes back it was for you. If not, it was not. Yawn # 2. Who let goes what they love? And those who do not let go of what they love, how can they be called over-possessive? It’s a human choice whether to let go or not unless they are holding it by force. I have waited for a decade in some cases before I let go what / people I love, of which it is true that 90% was my sole efforts because of some extended patience I gifted myself. This elastic in patience is sometimes helpful. It equates virtual dead air.
Man who was raised in a Queen’s arms treats his woman like a Queen. I was raised under my parents’ feet, what arms? And I don’t need any Queen’s arms to treat a woman like a Queen. Bring that woman / those women, God.
Fear karma, what goes around comes back to you What’s the use / role of God then? God removes your bad deeds from the farthest point of your life in a way it doesn’t come back. And if one thinks that ‘I don’t need God because I will do only good deeds in my life’ – will still stumble, if not you’re entitled to Sainthood. God rules.



My Takes

My Decisions

Your questions arise out of your suspicions. Though I still aspire in vain to be a detective, my enquiries are generally converted into tools to batter me, sometimes hampering my identity. A wise one’s open way of personal enquiries is always a pillar to leash her / his plans, or insurance for the plans. In my case, all personal questions I ever asked in my whole life to anybody dead or alive, was for nothing but for their sole benefits in the final outcome. I have never personally gained anything from asking personal questions to people. New school babies like few cousins, see this as an intrusion of privacy. I am used to sound suspecting, just because my questions are to the point, sharp, blunt, point-blank range – because. Since my questions arise out of planning for the good, plans that involve others has become a vain. New decision is to quit planning where I am not the protagonist.
Your ideas sound outsmarting me. Generally I don’t share ideas, my suggestions sound like ideas. I tell people what is good for them and how they can reap through it, by sharing suggestions. Sometimes people think I am outsmarting them. Well; you know a fool is a fool, when he puked it because you told ‘Hey, eat it because it is good for you’. Since I don’t label people as fools, I assume they’re wise-until-proven-foolish and continue sharing my thoughts. People seek credit from X if X accepted and benefitted from what people told X. But I don’t seek glory or credits, because by the promise ‘My glory will shine on you’ (Christ); I am always in the actual possession of at least one glorious moment building up for me at any given time including this very moment. New decision is to simply keep the mouth shut.
You act smart / you think you’re over smart. This is true not because I say it is true but because it is otherwise true. I must be smart.
Are you always this acidic in talks? Like sulphur damages material but purifies / refines gold, it depends on people whether to label my words destructive or constructive.
Never hurt your mother. Defying an individual’s logic with reality, can be hurting sometimes as in the case of my mother. World cannot blindly appease all of motherhood.
Purposeful incompatibility The world yearns for compatibility, be it married couples, mother & kids, father & family etc. But I noticed in a TV show recently, that people turn the page as soon as someone gains compatibility with them. I could sponsor an entire Hall Of Shame in Hell for people who purposely widen / create gaps / cracks in compatibility to disallow others from being compatible with them. Thankfully it was just a TV show.
Manipulation / artificial-ization of the natural situations Another one seen in TV shows. People choose to act to manipulate other people / situations in order to suit their wish, generally through lies. What can be told of liars! Thankfully it was just a TV show.

This is a think-write-publish blog, due to lack of time. Hence it is not in all perfection, and might exclude some real points too along with the chances of blunt-styled write-up that happens if not reviewed before a publish!

Here I leave now, not before sharing one of the videos on Youtube that caught my attention massively. I was a firm believer that since a woman’s brain does not function much like men, we see less of ‘really amazing’ female drummers. Here’s one amazing lady playing the Darbuka, one of my favourites. Not only does she keep smiling throughout the show, but she is also seen multi-tasking, and switching between rhythms too! Best of the best: 1:04.



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