Lamentations of Zoya Baby

In the very loving memory of Zoya, who left our world today.

She is the only lovely pet with whom I was able to spend maximum of my time amongst all. And she always came to the door when I rung the bell, and she pretended as if she opened the door for me. And she always smiled. She could never get angry. She responded to every silly thing, she wagged beyond her ability. She was love! Her stories of endless sweet times are wonderful to listen to. I am very speechless.

May the Lord console & strengthen the hearts of her Masters! May the Lord console Zoya too!

(Poem / Lamentations written & published in image form below)



In Heaven
In Heaven
Lamentations of Zoya Baby
Lamentations of Zoya Baby

pupy in palm

chariot 1 chariot 2 chariot 3 chariot 4

 3rd party images are used for illustrational purposes of the poem. Not for any commercial benefits / purposes.


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  1. She is with God and bouncing in Heaven without any pain anymore!

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    1. Johnson John says:

      Attrition of angels is increasing with the news of new hire Zoya in Heaven.. :-O

      ![Alt](×253.jpg “So true..”)

      ![Alt](,204,203,200.jpg “So true..”)


  2. Johnson John says:

    Reblogged this on Selfie Poems & Songs Collection: "The Velvet Red" and commented:
    Reblogged to the poem site..


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