Poem – Let’s stay

The dreamers’ delight…

Let’s stay

Holding her with my inner child,
May be the easiest thing to do,
Loving her to grow more love,
Is the most loving thing to do.

Pillows, kisses, whispers, smiles, tears and a few yells,
Maybe the brushes painting the human life,
But not a tear will soak the love,
That I pledge to a perfect wife.

This world gives no promises,
Unto it’s own or unto others’,
So let’s stay in a promise,
To none other but unto our souls.

My highway star, my uptown girl,
Let’s stay and grow real love,
My Lily, my chocolate, my everything,
Let’s stay and live in love.

Sleepless nights and endless thoughts,
Need an end so let’s stay,
Sleepless talks and endless fun,
Need a start, my dear please stay.


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