Frivolous Lola of the Indian Wall Street

Gambling, as goes the other name for trading in the stock markets sounds inviting. With several limitations in detecting rampant money games in the stock market, along with corresponding evidences; this term became a legally acceptable synonym amongst traders.

A trade occurs between a buyer and a seller. A seller wishing to sell 50 stocks for $50, won’t be able to sell it unless there’s a buyer at the same level. If I bought 100 shares of XYZ Inc. today for $10 each, I’d love to make profit by selling it for $20 each. The next day, I place a BUY order of say 3 shares at a price of $22 when the same stock is trending at $12; so as to make way for the stock to reach my target of selling 100 shares for $20 each. Creating a virtual demand, thereby. Self-trading, sort of. The games of manipulating the upper limit and lower limit of a stock, by posing as a buyer-cum-seller for personal benefits; may run wide and deep in a market.

Another scenario could be the one where I short-sell (sell without ever buying) a stock at a price extremely low, so as to enable a bulk-buy when the stock dips. This could be done by a broking agency, or perhaps a group of greedy traders.

Frivolous Lola was a voyeur-cum-lust movie directed by the world’s greatest butt lover back in the 90’s, by an 83-year old Tinto Brass. Known for opting only big-butted models, Tinto Brass should be ashamed to live off mere human butts – His crass interview is at

Frivolous Lola of the Indian Wall Street is one Mr. Prashant Kamble. On this day, he was fined Rs. 50 lakhs (approx. $80k) for self-trading. This is one of the first cases where a less known trader got caught into self-trading. With his frivolous ways of trading, the man who might have thought he is the Wolf of the Wall Street till yesterday; thus will henceforth be called as the Frivolous Lola of the Dalal Street. Here’s a URL to the news:

The best symptoms of self-trading, or possible magnets to sway stock prices; could be that buy / sell order with a weird single-digit quantity while you check the stock’s market depths.

It would be worthwhile to wait and watch if Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) would detect similar practices occurring at brokerage firms; who might as well exploit the opportunity of acting as a mini-exchange. Leaving the rest in the interest of traders, let us cheer in the knowledge of a non-Tinto movie that was titled ‘Run Lola Run’.


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