Coming Silence of the Lambs

Many have walked the walk Oh Lord,
The walk of only two footprints,
You walked the same walk Oh Lord,
Sad, only till few silver mints.

When two becomes four,
Different walks become one life,
You then make two from four,
So please show me that prudent wife.

Show me Lord that lamb you chose,
Show me the lamb whom you’d bless,
My heart is open You know my cause,
So take me to that bridal dress.

Not of deceit but the girl be sweet,
True to me as I will also be,
Not be hideous but she be sweet,
True by heart as I will also be.

Paths are many for the celibate,
But they forget love in celibacy,
Send now Your darling as my mate,
For love is such a delicacy.


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