Uninstallation Vs. Account Deletion

Being one of the most experienced persons in weaning from Social Media frenzy like Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook etc., the matter of Application Owners not deleting user data off their servers quite easily; has been quite bothersome.

Notwithstanding today’s shocking news that the Government of India (not specifically the Intelligence Bureau, CID, CBI  etc.) would have access to all users data like the below, I jumped like the quick brown fox over the lazy dog; and reinstalled WhatsApp & few other Applications. Perhaps in my biological demography, I’d be the only person alive to own a 30 odd grand mobile and yet move on without what I perceive is nuisance. While Facebook got off the map a couple of weeks back, so did WhatsApp & others.

  1. Chat history, old or new.
  2. Comments posted at blog sites, old or new.
  3. Comments posted at news sites, old or new.
  4. Whatsoever that the Govt think is required to be checked.

So why did I reinstall?

So goes it that there was difference between uninstalling an Application and deleting your account in whole. While I was always used to uninstalling, this time I reinstalled to simply delete the account. Does it still make me happy? Nope, because WhatsApp does not delete your data that it holds on the cache / archive servers.

From their Support Site..

While recent news suggests that the Govt has clarified that social media & e-banking will be excluded from the scope of surveillance, I ask – What remains without Social Media? Porn? News Portals? 🙂


To pace up with fast moving times which is moved by fast movers up there and which drags the slow movers; I decided to pace up with a good exile off Social Media until I switch sides. That being said, it costed me a handle @SoulsRGenderles, a WhatsApp account, an FB account, a Viber account and a Blog account. Out of the few Blog portals I use, I see myself without any of them within a month or so. That is offset by a recent domain I got at Zoho, for my enthused sojourns whose glimpses I’d share in the next & last publish from this account occurring within a month.

Social Media Planning & Strategizing is quite a lot one of the basic to-dos in a fast changing world. While the majority go in for ‘Inner-Circle to be Most Private’ policy; few do the same with their time instead of Social Media Apps. While the former barb wire a virtual world, the latter embanks on time.


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