Unforeseen Exile

“And when she smiled, it was so sweet; that chocolates and pastries fell at her feet. And those who didn’t were turned into bitter gourds”, said anonymous anonymously.

That was the last best thing on my mind since 18th Dec.’15. The day we took a train to Kerala. Fluent internet connectivity is still a luxury in India, and when network-roaming is enabled via 3rd party ISP – Even the transmission of a data packet calls for celebrations. Tata DoCoMo’s Wifi Max Duo has not yet offered connectivity pan India, and while dwelling inside one of Kerala’s dense rubber-tree estates, you gotta move it into the traffic to have a blog published.

With Smoking & Internet out of the picture for a few days now, I comprehended this situation as an exile from regular life. Squirrels communicating to other creatures on spotting a snake, the reaction from birds to it, how chickens gather in a corner in response, how a crow followed the legless one by air – not bad for a good exile. The only cock with a red chief symbol on its head and who dominated the egg laying hens – was seen standing behind the hens lol. This place Mallapally https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mallapally is quite an ancient source near Thiruvalla which once had the largest strip of Brahmin settlements in entire India.

WP_20151219_081 (2)
Spit Happens says my tee. Right now I’m a busy kid seeing if my finger gets trapped in the bottle so that I find a new reason to yell and cry!
This cutie from the Khandelwal family were our neighbours for the 36 hours’ train journey.
The Bangalore-Chennai Intercity Double Decker AC Train. Economy-wise, the Mumbai-Pune Corridor was not only more viable to mint dough, but also deserving.
WP_20151219_092 (2)
English built locomotive shed seen near Vellore.


A sight from Andhra Pradesh, green fields during December and brown barren lands during summers indicate that these places are more into Rabi Crops (or delayed Kharif). This was taken using a Nokia Phone from a train moving at 80 kmph.
A sight from Andhra Pradesh. That the Government can build bridges where rivers don’t exist thus came true. Otherwise it’s mere over-optimism of building a bridge expecting that the land below might some day become a river again!
A sight from Andhra Pradesh – An incomplete infrastructure project seen by all transiting tourists for the past few years is a literal shame.
A sight from Andhra Pradesh – By all means the December trip has made me conclude that rural Andhra is blessed by immense water bodies, especially lakes and ponds. It surely has the potential to produce 75% of India’s farm produces like rice, wheat etc.




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