From Grandpa to Pa – Via Courts

He could use the yields like Black Pepper, Tapioca, Ginger, Turmeric, Coffee Beans, Teak Wood trees etc. between 1960 to 2015 from the piece of land he owned. But since my father worked in Pune, he thought that it is noble enough for him to proceed these yields in charity to his sister who occupied the ancestral home owned by my late grandfather. She was abandoned by her husband in 70’s, and shifted to her father’s home; and her son and daughter were married off. She sold a piece of inherited land to have the daughter’s wedding done. The son built his own little empire, because his mother and sister gave him none.

In around 2015 my father opened his eyes. Not only the yields, but his sister wanted his inheritance as well. Crying in devastation after she ill-treated her own little brother, he took shelter in her son’s house nearby. He was quick enough to fence up his area, which made her hate him so much that she went to the Courts, and slammed a case against him and her son.

Thus we entered into Mallapally, the land living in reverence of Saint George (who till date continues to be the protector of several countries and  whose Sovereign Flags carry the design of his Cross in his memory).

It was my first trip to Kerala after fencing, during the Christmas of 2015. We made it soon to the fenced area. Fresh leaves of Black Pepper tree lying on the ground indicated she stole a lot of pepper. Coffee trees rarely had any beans on them. Tapiocas too weren’t seen. She continued feasting on her brother’s inheritance without his wish.

Nevertheless, we recced the area and had a crash course on farming by pulling down the remaining coffee beans. Teak trees sell for some 80 grands per tree, mahogany for 50 or so. My father should have planted at least 20 of them; around 20 years back. Well, at least time hasn’t run out of hand said we unto us.



Fresh fallen leaves of black pepper indicating human intrusion on the same day.
Intruder left a ladder behind too, which belonged to his sister as per a neighbor.
Mother checking some ‘kanthari’ plants.. Red pepper chillies in abundance!
WP_20151220_066 (2)
Father reminiscing his childhood… From where he walked 10 kms to school everyday.
WP_20151227_031 (2)
The 70 year old guy stays weak indoors, but rejuvenates while on his soil pulling off a huge coffee tree branch.
WP_20151220_122 (2)
The ancestral home which raised 10 kids, which never expanded after they left home at early ages.
The perimeters..
WP_20151227_019 (2)
“I told you not to give her an ounce of our yield, right from the 60’s” said she unto him.

WP_20151227_032 (3)



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