Naturally Brexit – The Way Ahead

The palaces are full of leadership, both present and future. Monarchy is better than democracy if monarchy is better than democracy for some particular nations; which even today retain ancient wisdom so as to sustain the power of the throne. Something rare in today’s world containing the ruins of several ancient monarchies mostly in Egypt and almost every corner in Asia. While foreign policy gained momentum beyond the interests of monarchy, democracy was the perfect elastic band (out of all) for enabling efficient foreign policies, boosting global entrepreneurship, allowing foreign investments, allowing migration with almost 100% freedom etc.

I am very much a part of the chorus that cheers “Long live the Queen”. Having the liberty to look beyond, the next change at The Royal Throne of England would get a King into the board room. The board room of everything else excluding national politics for a nation most vocal about democracy by speech and actions as history itself has presented to us. It does surprise many as to how could a nation as little as England retain the power of all world powers, in a way that is incomprehensible to the common minds that sadly constitute the majority of our world’s non-thinkers. Is the English race one of the earliest civilized races, or is it because of the Royal Family? Assuming it is of the Royal Family, then several other nations should have been a part of this list of powerful nations. We have Thailand, Nepal, Brunei, Saudi and many more where monarchy exists alone / coexists with democracy. Yet none of them seem to be the louder voice in comparison to the English. So it’s unconvincing that it is the English Royal Family who gives power to England in comparison to all other nations. So is it the early civilization of their race? Whether it’s the banking systems, modern technologies like cloaks that make you invisible, robots swimming in seas to collect information on global warming etc.; there does seem to be a cutting edge.

For each nation in EU, staying in the EU does both; good and bad. EU as per many is an output of 2 major processes: Post World-War unity of allies, and Free Trade Agreements between these allies. EU was the decision of a generation from the past. Brexit is a decision of a newer generation, who perhaps believe in restoring, re-doing, sustaining and improving the factors that England is known for. Brexit is a decision to be consumed in good health by rest of the world for their own wellness, though those all-time-fishy cult of leadership are hell-bent to be pessimistic about the outcomes of Brexit to Britain, new EU, and rest of the world.

What new policies would England put on the table? Does the new international value of pound really matter to them? Does the now-stronger-dollar really matter to them? Will they emerge as competition to Germany who could take a hit in the new EU circle? Will they have to pay morer (little more than more) or lesser while shopping in their own country? Will Brexit add more strength to England’s Defence Forces or weaken it? Will their exports increase or decrease? Was some other nation enjoying high exports and thus virtually stealing their potential business just because the pound is exceptionally strong? How much of real estate in England is owned by the rich immigrants, and were they falling short of land at reasonable prices for themselves? Were their startups bound by stricter EU laws and thus not able to fly high? Were their commitments to EU’s bailout packages, charity donations etc. too high and too many? Is England leadership divided or united, though we have seen that all Prime Ministers of England have always put forth and protected the interests of England when it came to compromising at EU, be it adopting Euro as a currency or playing a larger role in Greek bailouts? Were the English banks exposed to a lot of mounting debt linked to the central banks / funds in EU? Were they milking England all these years? Would Germany be the new England in the EU? What keeps the Pope silent about Brexit? Why was China too vocal about NSG, was it to keep the media away from enquiring on Brexit till it happens? How many nations were supporting Brexit from behind the curtains?

With nothing much lost but a lot to gain from a long-term perspective and until they meet again for a reunion and rejoin the EU some other day, England has simply set sails for an all new game; propelled by 1. The power of their new-age innovative startups (in FinTech too not surprisingly) 2. Their apprehensively continued commitment to white-collar, blue-collar and collar-less migrants 3. Their renewed chances of improving or just-hi-bye kind of ties with nations within the EU and 4. The transition between the dusk to dawn of monarchy.

Very well then, Brexit simply seems to be that grease needed to pace up the machines running England, and also the fuel needed for a new-age engine that would be driven by a future King and the last also is that Brexit also seems to be that lubricant oil needed to keep in motion the common interest of the non-immigrant population. And of course – Brexit could be a much needed peace-cookie for the future King. And then we have the UEFA 2016 finals coming up pretty soon. The bets are on, I say the finals would be an open war between Germany and England / France / Italy with Germany winning 3-1 out of which Bastian scores at least 1. In Joachim I still trust. Too.


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