Wedding 2017 (2 of 2)

And so finally, it came to pass yesterday that my mother granted me one of the most important licenses of my life. Though I would have broken her rules and proceeded without acquiring her license if needed; well she did and thanks be to God.

It was around 2 years ago when her brothers granted me this license, the National Permit. The permission for a cross-religion-marriage, which she then emotionally opposed to. Beginning last night’s post-dinner time, I have an official license from my parents. Of course it was never a barrier for me to make my own choices, but support from family does bring joy to the heart in the belief that we would stay united as it was before.

Meanwhile, it comes to pass in June 2017 that I get a Baccalaureate (this time from a Management Stream) as well. One of my uncles said, “Oh you’d be 35 by then”. With the world’s most innocent face I said “Do you think my age increases every time some asshole flips the calendar on his wall?”. He got jazzed up too after knowing this logic, which reminds me of a friend.

Daughter of a lioness, she too has grown up to be a lioness in this world of dogs and cats. No, both the Lionesses have nothing to do with Richard  (The Lion Hearted) who has been a focus-worthy character to me in the recent times. By far I would never hesitate to even go ahead and bet on the fact that she is of a species known to none and the only one, which makes her a great topic of research. I usually get a set of dimples on my chin when I acknowledge failure in a discussion etc., and I get it most of the times while brainstorming things with her. She is outright, she is upfront, she counters, she conquers, she claims to be the laziest when in reality she struggles for her dreams, she loses, she wins, she then detoxifies to get the smell of victory; and I have been seeing these shows in awe so far from the shoes of a secret admirer. Now I know why I don’t watch the shows on TV or YouTube. That was all just a byte about her.

And in the continuance of Wedding 2017 (1 of 2) this one (2 of 2) strikes more reality. Being an official license holder, it’s time to add a new radar on the dashboard of the little ship I steer. The old radar has been quite weak in picking up signals, and is now bound for a replacement that would pick up the best signals. To be destroyed after use, the next device after the radar accomplishes its mission; would be a compass that would always point to beer like the one used by Captain Jack Sparrow.


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