JPG in a dream

People often see dreams, some call it visions. While dreams are those which generally has the dreamer as a part of the scene, or have a mute / active role in the picture; visions generally correspond to situations where the dreamer is absent. Just a vision!

Was it the night before the last, or the earlier one; I still wonder. But the vision was in a JPG format, just a motionless scene. An image I saw for a few seconds until it flashed out. While my mother has an impeccable record of seeing her visions come true; I am just a beginner and this could be my 2nd or 3rd one.

It was the image of a woman having a slight bulge at her belly, and a hand reaching out to confirm the bulge existed. The filter / effect of the vision was ‘vignette’, and so the faces of both were in darkness. Only the central part had light cast upon it.

This went on to remind me of the childless couples that I knew of. In the order of revelation, the first one happens to be one of my closest cousins. Dennis got married way back in 2008 or so; and the couple are yet to have a child of their own. The second one is the daughter of my father’s friend, and her name is Ann. Her marriage is perhaps into the 12th year or so, and very sadly the couple stays childless. The third person is from my BFF’s family (Best Friend Forever), who might be into the 4th year of marriage. The fourth one is a guy from my home parish, who is into the 5th or 6th year of marriage.

This list is what I know of, and one of them has conceived could be the meaning of the vision according to the explanation I gave myself. Not so lucky to have some prophet come and translate visions or dreams to me, though I once had a Bishop from some American Orthodox Church translate it for me over Facebook. The scariest one it was, and he happened to be in my closest reach.


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