Der Letzte / The Last Blog

After having started my blogs here from 2011-ish, guess it’s time to set the hooves galloping towards another battleground. From something like ‘Sailors Off The Norm’ (this blog) towards Anchors For Titanics. From something like ‘Reaping Off the Unforbidden Realities’ (, towards Keeping Off The Forbidden Lies. From something like ‘What’s up with Johnny!! – My private area for some mental detox’ ( towards ‘Johnny Runner‘ (Johnny Walker’s too clichéd up). And finally from ‘Selfie Poems & Songs Collection: The Velvet Red’ towards a quite more livelier or newer thingy like ‘Engineering In Poetry By Hearts‘.

While this city Pune got laid by pretty good monsoons this year, and while my new life as a Paying Guest is crawling out of the initial blues; time is around the corner to look farther over the world’s shoulders. Though the planning has been set in motion which somewhat looks like the inside of a wrist watch, it has not yet been perfected such that the needles of the watch start moving. Ultimately, my interest is in setting a right-er time on the wrist-watch of my life.

So with a few more hours / days remaining before I erase these blogs / sites in whole, I guess my next revamp stays for the next 5 years!


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