When I Stole A Cat’s Meal

Staying in an enclave with a lot of greenery around has been a great experience so far. Within a 200 meter radius from my bedroom, exists decades-old pockets of nature serving as the dwelling abodes for sparrows, mynas, pigeons, parrots, orange-bum birds, cuckoos, once-in-a-year Kingfishers, crows, tons of squirrels, visiting bats & other 6-7 types of birds whose names are unknown to me.

Rescuing an injured crow or a pigeon is like an annual activity.. This baby pigeon escaped from a cat and was hiding in the bushes. Well, the senior citizens perched on a tree right above the baby to keep a watch on cats and alert if needed. In fact, the birds and squirrels alert each other (regardless of what breed the bird is – a crow alerts sparrows if needed) and it’s generally done by the bird who spots the cat first. Yet, the deceptive cat reaches their nests, courtesy its R&D done when it strolls solo at nights.

Below are a few pictures of a baby pigeon I rescued a few months back.

Corsa Swing’s boot.. A penthouse for pets
Scared of the rescuer
Fluttering, injured wing and a missing tail
“Leave me alone”


After a few days, she could confidently fly around in the station wagon Corsa. That’s when my father suggested, that she can fly up to her nest!

Whats up?!

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