Some beers & movies…

On an average, there areĀ at least 4-5 large-budget moviesĀ released every fortnight in India. And on an average I treat myself with at least 8-10 pints of beer every year. That is apart from the oh-so-little 180 ml of dark rum (likeĀ 6 times a year on the upper end).

The first beer I had was at the midnight between 1998 and 1999 i.e. a New Year’s Party; arrangedĀ at a friend’s bungalow. An all-man party it was, and we chilled. I hated the taste of Kingfisher, always. We played indoor cricket with tennis ball, and we fell usually over each other for no reason making a fallen pyramid of bodies.

Coming to movies, the first one I saw in my life was when I turned 18. It was the much famed local flick ‘Mohabbatein’ that hit the Bollywood box office in 2000. I hated crowded places since childhood, and the very idea of sitting in a crowd usually led me to cancel many plans. Though I took good exceptions to meet people whom I admire, no matter how large the crowd is. So I went to watch this Shahrukh starrer flick along with a few guys whom I grew up with – they were the children of my parents’ friends. Not bad, I thought it would be a one-off. The next one was a movie named Namesake, somewhere in 2007-2008. It was a namesake occasion, along with a colleague I met while working for Wipro.

Then came Taken 3. I enjoyed watching this along with one of my best friends (secret – She’s one of the most uptown girls, by intellect and beauty both. Shhhhhhhh). Ehm ehm. And this was the only occasion where I had beer both before and after the movie. The beer before the movie was kinda quickie, I remember we running out of the bar gulping down the beer remaining in our mouths and rushing towards the movie hall. And after the movie, we started looking for beer again. We didn’t waste much time before hitting into an international beer stocker’s bar across the street, and that’s when I had Peroni for the first time in my life. Classy beer with a classy girl!

The next one was Black Mass, in 2015. Along with another Depp fan, we ensured having a quick beer before meeting Depp. I kind of liked this movie, because it was not the usual Depp sort of flick.

So far in the year 2016, I’d need just 2 fingers to count my trips to the theater. The first one was an all-cousin movie show, and ‘Conjuring 2’ it was. Yes, I liked this one. The ghost is an all-new person, unlike the naggy old ones. This one was beyond common expectations, and I would rate this movie 4.5 / 5 on any day. The 2nd movie was an unplanned one, along with my uncles, aunties, cousins and parents. We didn’t know the movie name until we reached the place. It was ‘Sairaat’, the much famed Marathi movie. Unusual for us to spend an evening for a regional film, there was a motive behind Gen X + Gen Y taking Gen W to watch it. And it was to show our parents (Gen W) something about the changing world – inter caste / religion marriages in reality in common lives.

My roomie in the other room has started snoring. It’s my alarm to go to sleep. Not before sharing some random clicks of booze parties I had in the last 2 years! šŸ™‚

Taken at Vivanta Fort Aguada by Taj (Goa – July 2016)
At Jimmy Hu (Koregaon Park – 2015)
A sortie with my niece at Vivanta (Goa – July 2016)
Looks like some trance kinda scene yeah? This is white-rum burning in a steel bowl. Parents left for Kerala, and my 100% dork cousin brothers dropped by to party (2016).
This is Peroni!! ā¤ (Pune –Ā Jan.’15)


At home with Maniesh when my parents flew to Kerala!


Tried it for the 2nd time, and yeah Captain Morgan scores more than Old Monk (situational).

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