ATM Guard – My Man of 2016

Often the world spends its days and nights talking big about change makers. About change agents. That one person, or a group of people (commercially known as influencers / influencer groups), whose survival stories are rare cases in comparison to the norm-life public.

It was the morning of 6th April, 2016; my birthday. Already having spent a great deal of night-time in sadness, on how easily anger makes people create distances in relationships, I took a calm stroll to the ATM that morning. Being a frequent visitor, I managed to start a hi-bye relationship with the guard there. One meticulous employee he is – In the monsoons he proactively cleans the dazzling floor inside the ATM because he hates seeing muck inside his workplace. Of course he is not paid for it. And it’s not just the ATM, but the immediate surroundings as well. I have seen him sweep & mop the place out of his penchant to be in a clean place. Impressive enough for an unarmed person who guards ATMs. It was in Oct-15 when we shared our birthdays in one of our conversations. And this man memorized it!


I walked into the ATM, and he told me to wait there till he returns. I saw him quickly walking across the highway. Clueless, I thought he went to grab his morning tea. As I checked WhatsApp to see whether I got any birthday wishes from a bestie; I saw him returning with a little basket of fresh flowers. The first thing that ran into my mind, was about this man’s excellent thought-process.

He caused no delays in wishing me a happy birthday, and I thought for a moment that he is so God-ish. Who else dares to be good to me? This was the second time I felt it, and the first time was when a bestie unexpectedly poured BBQ sauce into my plate when we met up for dining on some fresh prawns at BBQ Nation near the famed Aga Khan Palace in Pune. Nobody does it when – There’s hot-yummy BBQ pieces right under your nose, you know there’ll be beer too coming in a minute, and you’re on a hungry belly whose inside is already touching your spine out of hunger. I paused to realize how good she was.



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