Chasing A Calf On My Calves

Like in every nook and corner of Pune, known to have livestock all along the streets which gives you a countryside feeling fused into modern cities; it once happened across the place where I stay.

A new-born calf lost her mother, and ran helplessly away from anybody who chose to help it. The calf mooed in continuous repetitions, trying to ensure that her voice reaches out to her mother. Her mother perhaps was patiently looking around too with not-so-frequent mooing as much as the baby calf. That’s when I saw kids chasing the calf for fun, not bad enough for an open childhood.

Picture Below: When I entered the scene, the calf was busy trying to not hit on any of those concrete pillars seen in the parking area of an apartment.

Chasing the calf

I chased this calf too, until she grew tired after a 100 meter sprint. I tried lifting her up, and woohoo I could. She weighed nothing more than 50 kilograms and I felt just like picking up a 1-year old Labrador pup. Then we walked around the area a bit hoping to find the mommy-cow, while those amused kids swore on candies to entail me all along the way. After a while I found a rope tied to an electric pole, and I decided to keep her there. Given her naïve understanding of busy streets filled with reckless drivers who show less mercy to humans, I thought it is better to have her tied until her mom passes by the place finding some lunch. The next reason to have the calf tied, was to keep the howling kids away from chasing her for another Olympic style sprint after successfully clearing the County-Level Race. And well, in some time some people came with some water and food for the calf.

Later that night I returned home and enquired on the baby cow, and I got to know that she did find her mom! While there’s a saying that “The hen’s eyes are with the chickens”, I guess the chickens won’t start thinking free & new, unless the hen decides to free the chickens. And to ensure gender equality inside poultry farms too, we just cannot finish with talking about hens and ignore the cocks. Let me tell you that the jobless cocks gained absolutely no meaningful sayings / proverbs in the thoughts of philosophers.

“I’m so tired already, I was born just last morning”



“Come soon mom”

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