Indian Lust And Modern Women – Tribute To Monika Ghurde

Long time back, she once complained against the security guard for his petty theft. He held the grudge. He entered her house after threatening her with a knife. He then tied her limbs, and smothered her with the pillow. He then raped her, and even filmed it. He thought he will blackmail her later and gain more opportunities of finishing his endless lustful desires. She laid unconscious, he went into the kitchen and boiled 2 eggs. After satisfying the needs of his dick and belly, he checked if she woke up. That is when he realized – Monika Ghurde is no more. The world lost a talented woman in the field of perfumery.

And then we talk about the global Saviour named Technology to increase women’s safety. How is it possible, when dicks are so full of lust – that they risk their own lives just for the sake of pleasure? And this ain’t exclusive to India alone..

Below are a few voices I collected from WhatsApp yesterday.

(Special thanks to This Atom Bomb of Blogs for the linking related assistance)

I turned into a feminist more than a decade back, courtesy the woeful stories I overheard from aunts / neighbouring women who whispered it into my mother’s ears. Those were the hot summers of Pune, when my mother didn’t allow me to play outside. Or the breathless monsoons in Kerala when we were locked up inside the house and women whispered their shivering stories inside the kitchens. #DomesticViolence is an issue my parents have been resolving amongst several couples within and outside our families. Sacrificing the time to be spent with their kids studying for exams, they spent a great deal of  time counselling drunkards. And today when I look back – somehow these men are naturally disabled and repenting about those days.

By far, alcoholism is the earliest indicator that would help you predict domestic violence in majority of the cases. And the prediction is 99% accurate, if alcoholism is accompanied by joblessness / unemployment for more than a year.

What kills me the most, is seeing how these drunkards successfully victimize successful women in society who carry well-established credentials. Already there’s a lot of noise in women’s representation being low in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). There are endless campaigns on #HeForShe, #ENDVAW, #EndDV, #EndGBV etc. So what are the failure modes which causes the occurrence of such crimes? Saying that a woman’s personal safety is her personal responsibility, is clearly overrated and utterly false. There ought to be a system & Govt Machinery* compatible  to eliminate Violence Against Women.

*Culture which supports the demands of all women including modernists, environment conducive to their safety+empowerment, and a ready-to-pronounce-judgment dedicated legal system for this huge umbrella of #GBV.

Now here’s the Real Hell: Who the hell is going to report these candid crimes to the Government / Law Enforcement? Here’s what I’m talking about: Go to any highly indexed adult website like and see the videos uploaded by our Indian brothers:

  1. Search using keywords desi flash
  2. Search using keywords desi bus
  3. Search using keywords india mall

What the hell goes on at crowded places? If you walk through a crowded place like malls / streets everyday, chances are high that someone is surely using their cameras on you for voyeurism (of course, subject to the cities where this is trending high). After seeing few videos with the keywords above, I can’t even make out if one of those victims were one of my own cousins! And the worst thing is that these girls are not even aware that they’re becoming victims everyday. The super-worse thing than that, is that the #BoyClub not only commits a crime openly, but also shoots a video clip which sometimes includes the faces passengers too. Public-flashing of penises and bus-groping is surely one of the most unrealized crimes trending up like never before in our own India, and getting hold of the criminal despite these videos as evidence is a tough job given the strength of our law. By the way, it was my penchant for keyword-analysis that led me to the discovery of such filthy anti-feminine mishaps in India.

Last but not the least, these videos are a slap on the face of anybody who claims that women are safe in India.

To end with, here is how the topics of concern have been trending worldwide & in Indian states (Source:

 (Click to Enlarge)

Blogger Tweets from @x_wolfman &

@WeAreAgainstGBV, and Quit Being A Feminist with Pseudo-SocialMedia-Credentials on inspiration from another full-time feminist colleague @Indian_Drifter

Thanks for your time!


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