A shout out to all the male feminists out there

Need of the hour!

An Unwanted Existence

I posted a couple of tweets this morning on the subject of male feminists. I know they get an awful lot of flack for it, particularly from MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists), but such men are the kind of men I would want in my life, either as friends and allies or potential boyfriends.

I don’t need a man to “kick someone’s ass” for me, or a man to financially support me or treat me like some sort of helpless subordinate. My “ideal man” (if there is such a thing) would be one that shared my beliefs; at least the important ones pertaining to women’s rights, LGBT rights and transgender rights.

I’m sure such men are told to “man up” and are even criticized by some women. I’m sure there are feminists that do not accept male feminists, but I’m also sure they are a small minority of people. MRAs hate…

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