The Vibrant Colors of Nafplio, Greece

#GreeceHalts ❀

Note to Traveler

In early September we visited the seaport town of old Nafplio in northeastern Peloponnese two hours south of Athens. When we first arrived in Nafplio we were confused by the crowded, architecturally plain town resembling modern neighborhoods in Athens. Having seen photos of a colorful, historic Nafplio, we wondered if we were in the right place.

Determined to find the beautiful town our friends and family raved about, we kept driving through the busy town. To our delight, at the end of town, we discovered old Nafplio perched on the hillside of a peninsula below two mountains, one of which is crowned by the medieval fortress of Palamidi. We followed the main road along the port which eventually led up a hill to a small but ample parking lot at the edge of town overlooking the Argolic Gulf and Venetian island fortress of Bourtzi.


One of the first things that…

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