Oil pulling – take care of your teeth

Looks like I’d have to start a new category on Health! ❤ this one, I rarely found something new on health at this age of 34. Ulalalala-uleyo!

simple Ula

Open Google and type ‘oil pulling’.coconut-1123738.jpg

I know you’re too lazy, but that’s ok, stay here. I only asked you to do it, becasue you would see how many websites and articles there are about oil pulling. But here, I will tell you about my journey with this healthy habit.

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  1. simple Ula says:

    That’s great that it’s something new for some people! 😊 That’s a good thing to do, trust me :).

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    1. windywolfman says:

      Tried it today, feels good. 🙂 Thnx, do keep showering more golden words!

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  2. simple Ula says:

    Thank you for sharing my post! ☺

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  3. windywolfman says:

    Nor did I Sarah.. It’s one of those first times when I’m willingly looking forward for the sun to rise and the night to finish. In fact my teeth are just 9 hours away from ‘oil pulling’!!

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  4. I’d never heard of this before!

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