Poem: Her Ecstasy, like Her Majesty


Her Eyes Carried The Skies In Them, Man! the Stars Fell For A Wink.

Her Powers Carried A Mystery In Them, Boy! she’s Throttling In Full Power.

Men Of Fame For Her Did Aim, She Trampled Over Many In Their Own Game.

Alas She Knew Not, Was It God Or Was It Evil.


In Destruction She Could Kill Their Fame, Her Powers So Unstoppable.

In Construction She Could Make Her Fame, Her Words So Undoubtable.

In Inspiration She Could Tame A Nation, Her Thoughts Beyond Common Imagination.

Alas He Knew, Her Fears Were False Because She Was One True.


Not From Europe Nor From Asia, Not Of Either America Or Australia.

She Belongs Where The Lions Belong, Who Roam The Earth Unknowing Fear.

Her Mind Watches The Wicked Mankind, Her Words To Them Were Never Kind.

Alas He Knew That, Time Will Now Love Her The Most.


She Is The Sugar That Hates All Sugar, Like North Repels The North.

She Is Bitter And Kind And Generous, Like Acids Which Can Heal Or Kill.

She Is The Eye Of Several Worlds, The Mirror For Angels Of One World.

In Her Dwells True Ecstasy, Not In The Windows Of A Human World.


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