The Old Mansion on My Street

One of the real places to visit! ❤ #SpookySeries #Halloween2016


Concord MA, graveyardI consider taking a walk, but then I remember I need my crutches.

Not that I need the crutches. My leg is fine now. The break was clean; the cast inconvenient but a nice attention getter; the crutches cumbersome and ugly.

I would have liked to have thrown the tall rigid walking implements into the trash. Or at least recycled them for some other poor soul to use.

But, sagely, I left my un-needed crutches standing in the foyer, by the front door.

For just this kind of day. . .Autumn, fall leaves

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  1. Thanks for sharing my spooky (perhaps real?) story, which definitely takes place in a very real town near and around a New England graveyard.

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    1. windywolfman says:

      I liked the whole story minus the injury you had.. It was always a wish I had to tour several haunted places in a single trip. Hopeful about it !! 🙂


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