Cancer in 1 out of 7 women?

Back in India, ‘cancer’ is regarded as the sickness for the rich. There used to be an era (like from the 60’s to 90’s) when cancer was specifically noticed amongst the rich class, or rather the class who flaunted riches.

Nothing wrong.

Today I came across a flurry of news that says, 1 out of every 7 women would suffer from cancer. Well, my mom was on the verge of breast cancer. We had the tumours removed on time, and all by God’s grace things are fine with her.

The media reports are clearly designed to infuse uncertainty first, and fear second. Did you know that 1 out of 7 sounds very close to us, BUT in terms of %age it is only 14.3%? So, logically it is 14.3% of the world’s women who would have cancer; and this is based on the current trends.


Unfortunately, it is ‘current trends’ which are used to extrapolate future predictions and they tell us that by 2030 cancer deaths in women will rise by 60%. Does it mean 5 out of every 7 would contract cancer? Nope, but they only mean to say that if 1000 women catch cancer today, then in 2030 it would be 1,600. They have totally disregarded the rising denominator / total population of women.

It’s so dumb, that it is as good as saying “Pepsi is selling 1000 bottles today, and will sell 1600 by 2030”. Growing population means more consumers, more consumers means more sales. Big deal?

Reasons why these predictions could turn false:

  1. They are based on current trends: Trends change quite a lot of times in a couple of years. Rising commodity costs are certainly going to put a large amount of population on the backfoot while shopping for the ‘healthiest’ foods. Austerity creeps in, health dwindles, employees working in the healthcare industry get richer. So regardless of what the situation is, reduce the quantity if needed; but not the quality on the food you consume.
  2. Migration: Human migration is confirmed in 75% of today’s population (at least once in their life). Factors change, environment changes, knowledge gets updated – things only improve.
  3. God/dess: The most powerful force. We personally know cases where men wearing helmets died in accidents though they were not drunk, while the drunkards without helmets do reach home safely (though not all by God’s grace). My neighbor smoked for 60 years and did not contract any lung cancer*. He was not even rich to protect himself from the side effects of smoking. So last but not the least, your prayers to your God / any God (whom you have validated for existence); will surely work a very long way ahead in life. And before you start with recruiting a good God/dess for yourself, I insist on personally validating the existence of your God/dess regardless of who it is – Allah, Ram, Krishna, Shiva, Gurunanak, Jesus / His Father or whosoever you choose. And once chosen, stay loyal and faithful to Him / Her forever. They hate the change in our hearts, and we’re lucky if we get forgiven for it. 😉

If my sister had to tell me that she’s worried after reading all the pro-cancer news sounding as an assurance to reach every woman, I would tell her to relax the mind first; and to continue with everything that’s good (material and immaterial), promote goodness and most importantly to pray when time & situation allows. I would also tell her, that even if she forgets to pray for her whole life, then I’m here to cover her up for it. The media-induced situation is not just as panicky as it sounds, and clearly we must never allow such news to be enrooted into us – these roots grow deeper and mate with our beliefs and thoughts and acts and words! 🙂

So: Fuck you, dear cancers of all breeds. I know where you belong and unfortunately you’re a million light years away from majority of this world’s women as you always have been (i.e. 85.7% after taking off the 14.3%). More popular than cancer is migraine, supposed to hit 15% of world’s population. And so just like Migraine did not reach us, nor would the beast called cancer which is trailing behind migraine in terms of probability.

*Cannot take advantage of this and continue smoking, wondering that if God has mercy on that old man then so could it be for me. It’s all a game of checks and balances, maybe the old man balanced / offset it elsewhere unknowingly, which is why he got away from dreaded cancers.


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  1. My grandmother had cancer 6 years ago and beat it. But sadly it came back 2 years later quicker than you could say BOO! She retired in March by Mother’s Day she was feeling really sick. So she drove herself to the hospital in town they said bronchitis sent her home with a $300 inhaler she declined come on now you’re going to send a sick old lady with a $300 inhaler are you on crack? The next day she asked her friend to drive her to the other hospital 30 mins away and they admitted her with pneumonia the Monday after the dr said her cancer wad back very aggressively in her lungs and nothing to be done. It was LONG 16 days she was in the hospital until she passed she had endometrial metastatic cancer. I was with her til the day before she passed.


    1. windywolfman says:

      Sorry to hear about granny’s demise.. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel someone should have accompanied her to that inhaler selling company aka hospital.. Healthcare has become extremely commercial these days, doctors intentionally cure you at the last minute when things start becoming gross. Till then, they satisfy the needs of medicine sellers. Prevention my dear, is always better than any cure.

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      1. Yes, but it was her time. God needed another angel.

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        1. windywolfman says:

          Quite true… God has an Angel Accounting System as well.. How many sent, how many received etc! 🙂

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          1. One born everyday and one taken everyday

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  2. windywolfman says:

    That’s truly true Patricia. I have a few aunts too who went through the entire process of chemo etc., and today they’re > 5 years into a normal life and so normal – that rarely people might remember that these were cancer survivors. Another interesting thought – humans are all mortal and this we know since the day we’re born. So shouldn’t there be a formal reason for mortality? It could be cancer, it could be Tuberculosis, or XYZ for someone else. I’d anyday prefer a slow natural disease / sickness instead of a road accident that throws you out of gear completely overnight. Amen lol. My neighbor Mr D’Souza expired at the age of 88 – reason is nothing but old age. Hospitals wouldn’t take him in because he was naturally slow & ill-ish and nothing was there to be diagnosed. God has His own ways! I wish you a complete release from the times you spent in cancer 5 years back, and continue enjoying life as a gift.. 🙂 Amen ❤


  3. windywolfman says:

    Hmmm.. That’s true. The Health section in daily media, if categorized into ‘Scary News for Women’ and ‘Scary News for Men’ and ‘Scary News for Unisex’ -> 80% fall into scary news for women though there are enough scary news for men too, available to be pushed out onto the upper surface of the Internet. Marketing takes its toll when they play with human psychology! @


  4. Patricia says:

    Being a cancer survivor myself, I can tell you that it’s a frightening word! Thank you for writing about this subject WWM. Five years have passed for me without any problems from the dreaded cancer so I am very blessed.

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  5. The media always fails to report that the population will also increase. Good points, I really enjoy your writing.

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    1. windywolfman says:

      Thanks dear for those encouraging words.. 🙂 Yeah the media knows why and when to sell an apple as a basic food item, or a juice-maker, or for mere décor. hehe.. We can only help ourselves by not allowing the media to shake our beliefs which we know is good for ourselves and maybe bad for others 😉

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      1. The do it to women ALL the time! I am not much smaller than I was in high school, but wear TWO SIZES smaller. It’s all shady… 🙂

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  6. windywolfman says:

    Yes it is.. 1:7 is dangerous. But in terms of %age, its only 14.3%, which was always the case. This is same as saying 1.4 out of every 10 women. Or 14 out of 100. Math is same, but the media contracted the denominator and shows it as 7 so that it looks small, sounds probable etc. Nothing has changed, except for the way the numbers are pushed into our public domains.


  7. exoticnita54 says:

    That’s a very concerning ratio…

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